Hi everyone!


Sorry we’ve been quiet over the winter period. It has been hectic here, working on our new products for the summer collection, and here we are !!!…

Excited to announce the launch of our long awaited range of classic checked gingham summer dresses. Not only does this mean summer is on its way, but also that it is not long before little customers can enjoy wearing our cute and comfy dresses while basking in the sunshine.

Made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, these dresses are light, breathable, and chemical free, perfect for the summer heat.

Children wear their school uniform for at least 7 hours a day, which is, in fact, most of their waking hours. This is why, we believe, it is important that these garments are comfortable, made from natural fabrics, free from crease and stain resistant coatings, which are highly toxic, harmful chemicals, that can be slowly absorbed into the blood stream via contact with your child’s skin.

Our 100% organic cotton gingham dresses are totally free from these synthetic toxins, and would keep children safe, properly temperature-regulated, allergy-free, cool and relaxed while they learn.

This is especially good news for children suffering from eczema and various skin complaints who report that hot temperatures and high humidity cause their eczema to flare, as sweating irritates eczema and/or starts a flare. Since sweating goes hand-in-hand with sports and summer fun – these activities can also bring on eczema. We can’t control the weather, but we can try to minimize the symptoms so our children can enjoy their summer itch free.

Available in checked red or blue, these dresses are ideal for all schools and matches most uniform policies. With a cute little bow feature, we feel we have created lovely twist to a classic design.

We didn’t forget about lovely boys, with our organic cotton shorts and polo shirts already available from our website, and white short sleeve shirts expected to arrive shortly, so watch this space…

With our summer range here, we now feel so ready for the sunshine!


Best wishes,

Irina & Marina