Fast fashion & the destruction of developing countries


A guest blog post by Lucy Ravenhall from Forge Recycling If you’re perusing this website, the chances are you living your life quite aware of the impact you make on the environment and our planet – be that quite low or rather high. As a recycling company, we are a little obsessed with reuse, recycling, lowering waste, the environment and so forth – this extends to organic too. With all of this … Read More →

#Who Made Your Clothes?

Fashion revolution day 2015

Hi everyone! How often do we question the origins of the garments that we buy? Do we ever think about what goes into production of clothes we are wearing? Every garment has a story: from the farmer who plants the seed, the textile factory workers who clean the cotton, make yarns, knit fabrics, dye them, then send it over to garment factories where more workers involved in cutting and sewing … Read More →

Get ready for summer with this adorable organic gingham dress


Hi everyone!   Sorry we’ve been quiet over the winter period. It has been hectic here, working on our new products for the summer collection, and here we are !!!… Excited to announce the launch of our long awaited range of classic checked gingham summer dresses. Not only does this mean summer is on its way, but also that it is not long before little customers can enjoy wearing our … Read More →

Keep warm and cosy this winter with our new organic cotton range

Banner sweatshirts

Hi everyone! Here at EcoOutfitters we’ve been very busy beavering away behind the scenes and we’ve got some really exciting news to tell you – we’ll be launching a range of new and exciting products at the end of this month! It might seem strange to bring a new collection of school uniform at this time of the year, however, there is a very good reason behind it. Natural fabrics … Read More →

Low-cost school uniform: a high price to pay

Ethical Factory image 1

Hi everyone! We hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing summer and have shared a whole host of magic moments and memories with your children these school holidays. So the new school year is nearly upon us. Have you purchased your kids’ school uniforms yet? Well, before you race off to the supermarkets to stock up on low cost items, it might be worth considering this… Have you ever stopped to wonder … Read More →